After you have chosen the holiday, get in touch with us through our module on-line to check the availability of the places. You will receive a reply by e-mail or fax.

After you have chosen the holiday, book through the special module on-line to be contacted afterwards by the Association.
The Association will block the places for a few days, so that you can organize for your trip and payment.
After the payment, you have to confirm your booking by fax, number +39 095 8363192 and by sending a copy of the payment receipt.
From this moment you are automatically registered.
We will confirm the reception of the fax by sms.
Remember to mention in the fax: name, surname, address, place and date of birth, and the holiday chosen by all the people who will come!

To book the holiday: partial payment of 20% .
The rest of the sum within 10 days before the departure.
If the inscription is made within the 10 days before the departure, you have to pay in full.

With the transfer of the booking, the traveller unable to make the booked trip, can give his booking to another person who has to fulfil all the required conditions for the holiday; he has also to inform the Organization by fax or registered letter that has to arrive within and not later than 3 working days before the date of the departure.
Nevertheless the Organization will not be responsible for the possible non-acceptance of the new name by third providers of the services.
The traveller who transfers and the transferee are severally responsible for the settlement of the payment and for the additional charges following this transfer.

a) In case of renunciation of the contract up to and not later than the 15th working day before the departure, the traveller is entitled to get the repayment of the entire amount of money, paid at the net of costs and charges ( partial payments to the different providers of services, information material which has been sent etc.) not recoverable by the Organization.
b) From the 14th and not later than the 6th working day, the traveller is entitled to get the repayment of the sum paid at the net of the entrance-fee + the 50% of the share of participation.
c) From the 5th working day, he is entitled to get the repayment of the sum paid at the net of the entrance-fee + the 25% of the share of participation.
d) No repayment after the above mentioned time or in case of interruption of the trip or of the stay started on.

The Association Sole&Bike can cancel the holiday if the minimum number of participants is not reached within 20 days before the departure (organized tour), with the only obligation to give back the amount of money paid.

In case that the minimum number of participants is not reached, Sole&Bike could propose an addition of the share in order to face the larger fixed costs or a self-guided tour (if it is possible). The participants will be free to accept or give up without losing anything of the eventual anticipation given. The Association Sole&Bike intends, with no obligation or responsibility, to repay eventual sums recovered for not obtained services in consequence of renunciation.

He has to observe the rules of normal caution and diligence; during the tour he has: to follow the instruction of the guide scrupulously; to respect the way code, people, animals, nature and things! The Association Sole&Bike intends to change times and ways for technical or metereologic requirements; it declines every responsibility for that is out of its competence, for physical or material damages suffered or caused by the participant to people/animals/things, before, during and after the course of the trip.
It declines every responsibility for lack or limited sanitary assistance in distant area owing to a cause beyond control or for causes which couldn’t expect or solve, according to the professional care.

If at the time or after the departure, an essential part of the services is not given to the participant, owing to causes beyond control ( for instance: not expected atmospheric or meteorologic events), the Association Sole&Bike will propose, if possible, an alternative solution, in accordance with the participant, without any additional charge of the costs of the holiday; when this is not possible for the protraction of the meteorologic event and/or other, the Organization will give back the participation share moderately: difference between the expected services and the provided ones, it keeps from the difference the share paid for the guarantee of the turistic hotel structures. Strikes and interruptions for unfavourable atmospheric conditions – war events – civil and military disorders – rebellions – earthquakes – sacks: these facts are considered as events owing to causes beyond control, so they aren’t imputable to the Organization.
For this reason, in such occasions any possible additional charge made by the participant or not given or not recoverable services, will not be repaid.

Those who want to hire bikes for the tour, have to regularise the hire on delivery.
Together with the bike we will deliver a helmet, an air tube in reserve and an antitheft padlock.
The rules are regulated by contract apart that will be submitted on delivery of the bike.

LAST TERM FOR THE INSCRIPTION, except different indication, 10 days from the departure and except exhaustion of available places, very probable hypothesis in the most famous destinations and in the period in which everybody is on holiday.

For every legal controversy the Forum of Acireale will be competent.


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